Torbjørn risager &
The black tornado

Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado - 15 years on the road
Are they a blues band, a rock band or a soul band?
And how on earth do you pronounce Thorbjørn?
And where do we even find the letter Ø on the computer’s keyboard?
They’ve been one of Denmark’s leading musical export products for many years now.
And even though people in many of the 21 countries where this band has played still don’t know how to pronounce the singer’s name, or how to label the music,  their popularity just keeps growing. And the sold-out sign is frequently hanging on the doors, and web sites, of the clubs where they are booked.
Some of the key factors behind their success are continuity, originality, friendship  - but of course the most extraordinary thing about them is Thorbjørn’s voice, which has caused writers round the world to use all kinds of comparisons and expressions. But of course there is only one way to really get an impression of it: through your ears!
And since this band keeps releasing new albums, posting new live videos on their web page and on Facebook, and playing at countless clubs and festivals, it’s not so difficult to get exposed to those amazing vocal chords of Mr Risager.
But he is strongly dependent on his tight band, where only two members have been exchanged since the start in 2003. Even though Thorbjørn writes most of the songs, the arrangements which give them that typical Risager sound are molded and shaped in the band’s rehearsal space at Vesterbro, in the heart of Copenhagen. Their horn arrangements are free from clichés, and another specialty is the dynamic way that many of their songs are built up, from an intro with only a few instruments and a naked voice, to a full blast which almost sweeps you off your feet (yes, they are the Black Tornado!)
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Förköpsbiljetter via BiljettCentrum samt Umeå Blues
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Höstens program
25 Oktober: Torbjørn Risager and The Black Tornado   Droskan

22 november: Sugar Ray and the Bluetones feat. Little Charlie Baty.   Droskan
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7 december: Bill Örström Blues into Jazz      Studion

4 januari: Chris Cane with Mr Bo and the Voodooers 
Inleder aftonen gör Headline Bluesband     Droskan

Sugar Ray and the Bluetones feat. Little Charlie Baty Sugar Ray and the Bluetones feat. Little Charlie Baty



Blues Into Jazz; feat. Bill Öhrström, Max Schultz, Stefan Nilsson, Patrik Boman & André Borgström
Det blir stilistiska bluestolkningar av jazz-standards och vice versa framförda av följande fantastiska musiker:
Bill Öhrström – Sång & Munspel
Max Schultz – Gitarr
Stefan Nilsson – Piano
Patrik Boman – Bas
André Borgström – Trummor

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