Knock-Out Greg & The Jukes

Fredagen den30 november på Droskan
On stage 21:00

At age 14 when I was still a mixed up teenager  in small town Gnesta-Sweden, swedish godfather of blues, Sven Zetterberg showed up at our school one afternoon. He sat down on a chair in front of 20 kids singing and playing some guitar and harmonica. And he PLAYED like I never heard anybody do before that day. He also told us amazing stories about long gone blues-players like Holwin Wolf and Robert Johnson among others. I got totally swept away by his expression and from that very day I turned my head towards the BLUES.Sven told us to start collecting records and listen to all the greats, and did I collect records… My first blues record was a Johnny Winter album and from there I discovered Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed and a long list of great blues artists up until this very day. Now at age 44 I discovered that there are many fields in music and I also been digging deep into Soul and C&W music.I already had my first electric guitar at the time and shortly after that I formed the first band with my brother on drums and some local friends . We didn´t really know what we were doing but we practised day and night and after a couple of years we performed our very first show at Pub Inn in Södertälje.
Guitar was my main instrument at the time besides struggling with the vocals. I didn´t really want to sing but there wasn´t anybody else so I had to start practicing. At age 20 I was so fed up with guitar-playing so I decided to switch over to harmonica. I even sold my guitars and didn´t own a guitar for 10 years. Harp was tricky at first but soon I got a good grip of the instrument and today I´ve been playing mostly harp for 25 years.
My main thing for 20 years was Knock-Out Greg & Blue weather wich hit it off round 1990, I think it was, and toured extensively through out the world and released 6 albums. A couple of years ago we came to the conclusion that we could no longer continue touring on a regular basis with the same line-up. Simply the spark was gone and I decided to take a break from music. But all the members moved on to start another group called The Beat from Palookaville with another front man and towards other things in life.
After a few years in exile I´m now ready to get back up on stage again with 2 different line-ups, The Injectors and the Jukes. At this point I picked up the guitar again after ages and that will be my instrument with the Injectors and with the Jukes there will be a total focus on harmonica.

Medlemmar betalar: 240 kr plus förköpsavg.
Övriga betalar: 260 kr plus förköpsavg.
I dörren betalar alla: 300 kr (från kl 18.00).


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